Our Story

As a Registered Nurse for over 15 years, Tottels® Founder and CEO Neeta Tvelil knows a thing or two about reducing germs. Wanting to instill good, life-long habits in her three little boys, she was constantly thinking about ways to reinforce cleanliness and tidiness. But how could she get her boys to put the hand towels back on the rod instead of on the floor?

That is where the idea for Tottels® towels was born.

Neeta created several prototypes, striving to create the perfect product that would encourage her sons to wash and dry their hands regularly...without Mommy having to remind them! Once the final version was developed, the boys loved the product because their "special" towel was always waiting for them, adjusted to each of their heights, and they didn't have to worry about putting anything back in its place. Mom loved it because it meant less dirty towels to pick up and wash, and the bathroom always looked tidy!

With the help of Neeta's husband and a product designer cousin, they came up with a creative way to represent her three little ones which went on to becoming the first set of designs you see on Tottels® now. But stay tuned, there are more designs to come!