Our Story

“Genius” and “brilliant” are just a couple of words that customers have used to describe Tottels® towels. The patented design offers a simple, clever, and instant solution to an every day problem - towels not returning to the towel rod.

When CEO Neeta Tvelil, a registered nurse and mom of 3 boys, became tired of picking up countless towels from the bathroom floor, she was inspired to find a solution. Hoping to instill good hygiene in her boys while keeping the home tidy, she came up with a special towel that made hand washing fun, was always within reach, and never got pulled to the floor, sink or worse!

Originally intended as a kids’ product, the elongated shape and adjustable snap buttons ensure that the towel is always within reach to children of any size. With more colors and personalization options, Tottels® towels now appeal to a wider age range, and have more useful locations beyond the bathroom such as kitchens and mudrooms. Some customers like to keep near doors to wipe the paws of their fur babies!

Thanks to Tottels®, your towel will always be “hanging around” and NEVER on the floor!



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